Custom Woodworking and Humidors

These Challenge coin holders are a bit different. They are heavy duty 3/4 cabinet grade plywood with whatever wood you want for the engraving and coin shelves. I created the shelves with little canals carved out to hold the coin in place while slightly tilting it back. These boards can be made to any! size with any engraving you want on it. I make these 100% custom so we can create a one of kind piece for your display.

Pricing:  The 24" x 24" retails at $300 (including all designs and art). This display can hold approximately 30 - 40 coins depending on the carvings included. The bigger we go the price will increase depending on the lumber cost.

The 14" X 20" display retails at $200. This is the smallest display due to the amount of coins it can hold and still including some personalized carvings.